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rainbow flows
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Welcome to rainbowflows!
This is the graphic journal of exotik.

- MUST CREDIT. Credit either exotik or rainbowflows in your keywords. If you don't know how to credit, read this.
- You must comment when taking icons. Don't be lazy!
- Do not hotlink. If I caught anyone hotlinking, the person will be banned without further notice. And believe me, I will always find out if you hotlink. So don't do it.
- My icons/graphics are for livejournal use only. This means you are not allowed to use them in places such as GreatestJournal, Xanga, etc.
- Do not customizate any of my work. Textless icons are not bases unless I say so.
- I don't take requests unless otherwise stated. So please don't ask.
- Don't claim anything as your own! I put alot of work into my art and all I ask in return is a comment and a proper credit for it.

Full list of resources can be found here!

If you want to be affiliates, comment in the latest entry~

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